Lip Blushing

Permanent Makeup

Lip Blushing

The majority of women have a favorite lipstick in which they apply numerous times daily. With permanent makeup Lip Blush, you can have your favorite lipstick color on your lips without wiping off or smudging. By applying cosmetic pigment to the lips, we can correct symmetry, help you achieve the lip color that best suits you and your skin tone, and give them a fuller look without getting fillers.

This Treatment Includes...


Sit down with us for a virtual consultation and discuss what we will do during the procedure and how we will achieve your desired look. 

Custom Color Matching

Bring in your favorite lipstick to help us find the correct color match and give you your new favorite pout.

premium after care kit

After the procedure, it is essential to follow the after-care plan you are given to ensure proper healing and longevity.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time

2 Hours

Sensitivity Period

12 - 36 Hours

No. of Treatments

1 followed up by touchup session



Results Duration

12 - 18 Months


Includes complimentary touch up 10 week's

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